Interactive learning

for the automotive finishing market

With this project we are not allowed to mention our client’s name or our animated character’s name, but we are working with an American client with European brands, in the technical and complex world of automotive finishing. Our character has been created as a guide to their interactive learning modules, presenting potentially dry or difficult technical information in an accessible and familiar style, across a wide range of subjects.

Each interactive online module is created to allow the user to progress through the module, learning as they go, repeating sections where necessary and receiving a digital certificate on successful completion. Animated sequences make technical explanations easier to understand and more enjoyable.

Sample module screens

We have been working with Thunder for the last five years, they work in a very personal way. I think Thunder is kind of unique these days, they make you feel that they know and understand your exacting needs from very basic information provided by us. I have always been treated like I am the most important person they are dealing with and my requirements are as important to them as they are to me. Every time I give them a problem (what we now like to call a challenge) or an impossible deadline they never let me down. They produce a very high quality product and have a brilliant knack of interpreting my gobbledygook into exactly what I had envisaged.
I find it a pleasure to deal with Thunder, knowing and trusting that every new task and challenge is met with a very can-do and no problem attitude. I can then just concentrate on all my other commitments, knowing that all my design needs are in safe hands.

Kevin, Automotive Executive