Keeping your business fully fit in the digital space.

The last year has proved how important it is to have your business fully fit in the digital environment. You need to make sure that your digital presence is working as hard as it can do. How fit are you ?
Thunder has over 25 years experience with clients in most business sectors. We offer a digital marketing strategy service which includes our creative genius.

Keep your clients in touch with what you are doing, just because you are remote working, your clients need to know you’re still around and functioning.

Online training:
Trackable learning entirely online. Keep your team up to date, keep training the newbies.

Continuing to trade:
Take a fresh look at what you do – how do you sell your services and products? Can you offer online consultancy? As a manufacturer, can you sell direct online? Are you a retail business, with no shop to sell from. Do you have an online store? Is your website fully search engine optimised?

We can help you identify the issues and implement cost-effective solutions.
We are happy to offer convenient payment terms to ease your situation and can also offer an initial free website review.

There are always positive options. If you would like to discuss your situation and see how we can help you, please get in touch.