To boldly go. Culture. Luxury. Travel.

Sapienza. Creating a luxury holiday brand.

New explorers Sapienza Travel will shortly enter the high end, luxury escorted cultural tour market, focussed primarily on Italy to begin with. 

Our role involved creating the brand image, building a full e-commerce site for booking and payment and producing all associated literature and advertising.

We like to research deep on our projects. With Sapienza’s emphasis on art and culture, as a first step we created a colour palette that was derived directly from found colours in Tuscany, specifically wall art in Certaldo Alto. Colours were sampled from our photography and a palette was built from these. 

We wish Sapienza a bon voyage! In bocca al lupo !


  • Brand identity
  • Website, e-commerce
  • Brochure
  • Advertising

Having worked with Thunder for many years as an employee at various companies, when I created Sapienza Travel there was only one agency I knew I would turn to give Sapienza its identity; Thunder. 

The team at Thunder got to the heart of Sapienza’s philosophy creating a brand identity that perfectly reflects the brand. With the brand identity in place, the next project was designing and building the Sapienza Travel website. Usability and customer experience are paramount in ensuring visitors understand the products, easily navigate the information and feel secure progressing through the booking process; all while expertly retaining the visual appeal of the products.

The backend processes are complex and at all times I was confident that Thunder had everything under control, working with third-parties to deliver a robust, usable and appealing website in good time. 

Charles Barber CEO, Sapienza Travel