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Adventures in graphic design, since 1993

We began in September 1993. John Major was Prime Minister, Bill Clinton was in his first year in the White House. In the cinema you might have been watching the rather awesome Kalifornia or Scorsese’s costume drama The Age of Innocence. Earlier in the year Steven Spielberg had released both Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List.

On our desks sat a Macintosh IIci, a IIfx and an LC. The state of the art IIfx had 4mb of memory and an 80mb hard drive – yours for $10,000. Early web browsing was with Mosaic, followed a year later by Netscape Navigator.

The history of our industry from then to now is one of change, constantly evolving technology, adding to the scope of what we do, with one feature remaining constant – the power of creativity and our ability to make it work for our clients.

The awesome IIfx