The world of Chas & Tallulah

Meet Chas & Tallulah, the stars of our Christmas movies. As a bit of fun every festive season, a new adventure appears. Created in the spirit of classic British comics such as the Beano and the Dandy.

Chas & Tallulah, Christmas 2020

It’s Christmas! As Noddy Holder memorably declared. Only this time it’s going to be a bit different. But there have been difficult festive times before and we can all make the best of it this time too. Chas & Tallulah have decided to keep things simple this year, so their Christmas movie had to be scaled down a little given the current restrictions. They of course remained in their bubble for the shoot and the crew were distanced throughout. Check out ‘An Ice Adventure’ below.

Chas & Tallulah’s isolation tips

Early last year our Christmas colleagues Chas & Tallulah came out of hibernation to offer their suggestions to help you get through the first lockdown. Unfortunately it was not the only lockdown we had to face, but the guys’ ideas were still popular!

Get colouring!

Looking for more ideas to keep the little ones busy and happy? Let us help, download our free Chas & Tallulah colouring sheets. Or you might be feeling creative yourself. Enjoy! 

‘A Star too Far’ – Christmas 2019