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Flexible options for a new business environment

Under the current social restrictions, meetings are difficult. Group presentations, classroom scenarios and other business gatherings cannot happen as they once did. But business has to go on. Introducing our online learning module concept.

For some of our clients Thunder Learning is not new. They’ve had the advantage of using our online learning modules for sometime, check out an example here.

The key to the modules is the ability for the user to interact with the module features, working their way through the module as directed. A journey which can be straightforward or complex, allowing free movement within the module or requiring ‘correct answers’ before progress can be made.

• Fully interactive
• Client branded creative
• Log in feature allows tracking of user’s module journey
• Trackable completion data
• Animated and live action inserts all possible
• Optional voiceover feature
• Background music and sound effects
• Desktop and mobile
• Compatible with pre-existing LMS

Once the module is built, future amends and additions are straightforward and cost-effective.

We’ve put together a short demo based on a fictional product, a juicer called  ‘Gizmo4’. Click on the link below to experience it. Imagine your possibilities.

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